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Why Six Republican U.S. Senators are Right, and Wrong, about HITECH and EHR Interoperability

A whitepaper published by six Republican U.S. Senators brings up several valid points about lack of interoperability, potential misuse of funds and fraud, issues with security and long term program viability, a lack of oversight and a rush to move smaller less well funded healthcare providers through Healthcare IT adoption requirements to qualify for ObamaCare meaningful use dollars. However, the paper fails to produce any viable suggestions to improve on what CMS and the ONC have so far put in place. This post makes several practical, cost effective suggestions for improving interoperability at the provider level first. Continue reading

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Big Data in Healthcare: Big Problem or Huge Opportunity?

The healthcare industry has its own set of big data problems and not all of them can be solved with technology. As the saying goes, it takes people, process and technology – and generally the technology part is the easiest. … Continue reading

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