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Making the Case for Affordable, Integrated Healthcare Data Repositories and PHRs

Navigating today’s complicated healthcare ecosystem and the nuances of ACA demands that individuals take more responsibility for managing their own and their family’s healthcare services. This includes selecting a variety of healthcare professional partners who will help guide us through our health and wellness journey so we can receive the best possible health care advice and services. Healthcare data is undeniably one of those partners. Individuals and providers must work together to update, manage and secure healthcare data to increase the likelihood that information contained in medical records is used to improve individual wellness or aggregated to drive insights that benefit health populations. To that end, there are indeed viable, innovative and affordable solutions to pursue. Continue reading

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New York Times, Wall Street Journal Articles Expose Downside of Electronic Health Records – and Feed the Trolls

Underlying all the “truths” and near-truths circulating about the value of implementing electronic health record solutions (EHRs) is the one unalterable truth: Digitizing health records costs a lot of money. Given the high cost of medical care in the USA coupled with the difficulties inherent with introducing new, mostly unproven and poorly designed technologies into an already highly inefficient and largely information technology phobic work environment, why should anyone expect anything else? Continue reading

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