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Is Health Advocacy the Next Great Challenge for Watson in Healthcare?

Watson is growing up. And like a child nurtured by parents with extremely high expectations, IBM’s cognitive computing offspring, better known as Watson, is undoubtedly destined for greater achievements than playing Jeopardy! or helping investment bankers get even richer – despite the fact that most modern-day human beings can’t help being drawn into playing engaging, competitive computer-aided or generated games and lots of us want to make as much money as possible, with or without the assistance of silicon-based intelligence.

Still, one can’t help but imagine what Watson progenitors, with assistance from industry partners, can gen up in the various IBM development labs across the globe. For instance, is it possible that Watson can be “educated” to help solve the financial ills of our bloated healthcare system here in the U.S. and perhaps even contribute to improving health outcomes? Continue reading

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Healthcare a Major Theme as IBM Delivers Big Data Message at IOD 2012

Tackling Big Data is both a challenge and an opportunity. In the context of healthcare, the more information you have about a patient or a set of patients at the point of care or in a research environment, the better informed the care provider and the patient will be. By most accounts, healthcare IT is roughly 10 years or so behind the financial industry. Healthcare CIOs, CMOs (Chief Medical Officers) and business executives need to have a strategic information management and governance plan in place to take advantage of Big Data opportunities and not fall prey to tactical, reactive practices that sap resources and lead to the adoption of practices and vendor solutions that quickly lead to dead-ends and under optimized systems. Continue reading

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